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Simfile Center Help

Post by Edmspack » Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:42 pm

You can promote your file here. If you need ''hosting help'' we can host your file on our server.
But take a note that if your file is very huge, it's will be possible that the hosting are not free.

Also, for purpose your file you are not limited about something. But take a note that:
- Your link need to be valid (download)
- Your link need to be host in a hoster that not imposed some big limit to free user (example: 50kb/s download max)
(Mostly if it's a big pack)
- Your file need to be safe (No virus/malware (If your file have that you will be banned forever))
- Your file need to be in a .zip form. If it's more than 1Gb, you can use .rar.
- Your file need to be easy to install
- It's preferable to say in your topic if you are a new creator or a old creator and specify your chart type (if you have one)
included the type you do (Kb or Pad)

You can promote your Website, your forum, your Youtube, Twitch etc.

Take a note that you will receive a special group for Creator about your group attachment with some advantage.

Have fun !

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